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COVID-19 Update: May 1, 2020

UPDATE: May 1, 2020 – 2:00 p.m.

Stay Home. Stay Safe.

In keeping with our number one goal of keeping residents and staff safe, Clark implemented “Stay Home. Stay Safe” procedures on March 27. We applaud our residents and their loved ones for accepting the enhanced visitation changes and know the role you’ve played has helped keep the virus from entering our communities. We still have work to do and ask that you continue to follow the “Stay Home. Stay Safe.” executive order. We are planning for the future when life can begin to return to normal and hope to implement gradual changes in the near future. In the meantime, please contact us to arrange video calls with your loved one at  We anticipate more requests around Mother’s Day, with limited staff we ask you consider calls during the week as well.

Staying Spiritually Connected

Spirituality has always been the cornerstone of life at Clark and today it’s even more important. Our pastoral care team, under the leadership of Rev. Tim Tuthill, is deeply committed to reaching out to residents utilizing good old fashioned technology like landlines and clever formats including YouTube and Skype. The team spends many hours each week on the phone praying, reading scripture, and listening, not only to residents, but families and staff as well. Rev. Tuthill even created a meditation video to help staff cope with the added stress associated with COVID-19. Various weekly services are offered on Channel 15 at Franklin and via YouTube at Keller Lake. Weekly services include Sunday worship, praying the rosary, music and meditation, Catholic Mass, and resident produced services as well. If you or someone you know would like to speak with a member of the Clark pastoral care team please email or call Rev. Tuthill at 616-490-1708.

Reflection from Ruth Chisnall, Resident

To Residents:

During these uncertain times we are fortunate to be in a community with such loving and caring people. Residents have worked very hard to comply with all of the safety protocols for the good of the whole community. They have expressed to staff, both verbally and in written notes, their gratitude for their diligence and care in keeping us safe. Where possible, they have donated to the cause of mitigating the extra expenses incurred in items need to keep us safe. I am blessed to live with such caring people!

Helpful Resource

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