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Sagely Family App: Improving Resident Engagement and Providing Important Insight to Families and Staff

Clark is thrilled to announce a new way for Assisted Living, Memory Care and Skilled Nursing families to be “in the know” about their loved ones daily lives at Clark. A new app called Sagely Family app, provides residents’ families with instant notifications and photographs when their loved one attends life enrichment activities. Through the app, family members can also receive messages from the Clark team and view the activity calendar.

What is Sagely

Sagely is an app designed to increase engagement in life enrichment programming for assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing residents. Our Life Enrichment team uses the Sagely Family app to create calendars, newsletters and track resident participation in activities.

The team began using the HIPPA-compliant app in April and rolled it out to families in May. It’s a huge hit providing important insight that can be used to enhance engagement and improve care at Clark.

Prior to Sagely, tracking residents’ daily activity participation was a very time consuming and manual process. Now the Life Enrichment Team is able to chart resident activity directly in the app in real time. This not only saves time, but improves accuracy. Activity calendars previously had to be created in different platforms and now are streamlined using the Sagely Family app.

Sample screenshots from the Sagely Family app:

Sagely Family App - Screenshots

How the Sagely Family App Works

Residents’ families can download the Sagely Family app to receive live notifications when their loved one participates in an activity. In addition, they can receive photos of their loved one participating in activities. Family members also have real-time access to the Clark activity calendar.

Powerful Insights

Not only are families able to see their loved ones’ activities, the Clark Life Enrichment Team now has access to data that can provide important insight on individual resident engagement and overall community activity trends. Following are overviews of two of the Sagely Family app reports our team has access to.

Monthly Report – Individual Residents

This report shows an individual resident’s participation in life enrichment activities. We have created an example profile to show this report. This report is shared with families at care conferences and is also provided upon request.

The Monthly Individual Report includes:

  • Number of activities the resident participated in
  • Types of programs they participated in
  • Individual activities participated in
  • Spreadsheet of the whole month (not shown here)

Sample screenshot of Monthly Individual Report:

Overall Resident Dashboard

The overall resident dashboard gives the Life Enrichment Team better insight into what types of programs are most popular and what time works best for residents. Having real time data on residents with a significant decrease in participation can also alert staff to possible issues.

The overall resident dashboard includes:

  • Which type of activities were most popular
  • The times activities were most well attended
  • Which room was used the most
  • Top and bottom 10 participants
  • Residents who had the highest increase/decrease in participation

Sample screenshot of Overall Resident Dashboard:

Overall Resident Dashboard

Learn More

If you are a family member of a current Clark resident and would like to learn more about the Sagely Family app, please email Renee Parham at for additional information. You can also learn more at

If you think your loved one could benefit from Assisted Living, Memory Care or Skilled Nursing, contact one of our senior living advisors at or 616-278-6520 or complete the form below to learn more about our living options at our two distinctive locations. We’d love to show you what Clark can bring to your family.

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