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The Impact of Your Gift

“When I came to Clark, I gave up my piano because of the size of my living space. I settled for a keyboard and it isn’t the same.”

When Jane Warners moved to Clark’s Franklin campus five years ago, she was excited to learn about the Chapel’s piano. She couldn’t wait to play anytime anyone would ask. Piano has been a part of her life, since she can remember. 

Clark was in need of a new piano because the former one was no longer fixable with repairs. A group of passionate musicians met with the Foundation to identify the need and create a plan.

“It gives me a lot of pleasure. It’s even more enjoyable when others can listen,” Jane says. She’s been going down to play in the Clark Chapel weekly to play for worship. She also partnered with memory care to play for select residents who are seated in the balcony, which has lifted spirits and helped with resident cognition. It’s a wonderful collaboration that was formed recently. Jane invites other Clark musicians to enjoy this beautiful instrument.

Jane is grateful for the outlet that this wonderful new piano has provided: “During the pandemic, this piano has been the one thing that has stayed consistent in my daily life. Thanks to all of those who supported the purchase of the new chapel piano.”

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