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Clark Chapel Renovation Update

As part of our Methodist heritage, the Clark Chapel has become an ecumenical cornerstone of spirituality for residents. The Clark Chapel campaign is raising funds to renovate this cherished environment that has not only served as the place for Sunday services, but many memorials, concerts, bible studies, and even weddings!

The long-awaited renovations to the Clark Chapel are nearing completion. As you know, with any building project, there are delays, backorders, and issues that need to be addressed. We are very hopeful for everything to be done by mid-February and a dedication of this beautiful space will be planned sometime in March.

Clark Chapel renovation

We are grateful to our project manager, Nick Novakoski and his team from EV Construction who have worked so diligently on the beautification of this treasured worship environment. The Chicago Brass concert inaugurated the new Chapel in early December, and the pastoral team has since been conducting services for the residents.

Thank you to all those who have contributed and worked on this project which will provide a spiritually uplifting environment for years to come. 


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