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Keller Lake Resident Feature: Dave Snyder

Dave Snyder became keenly aware of the responsibilities of managing his five bedroom family home of 35 years after he lost his beloved wife.  It didn’t take Dave long to realize the house was too much work and that it was time to make a move. At age 77, in good health, and still working, Dave started considering his options. Move to a smaller house or perhaps a condominium? That’s when a good friend recommended Clark at Keller Lake Apartment Homes. Dave did his research and determined that a Life Plan Community would be perfect for him and in October, he moved into his brand new Keller Lake Apartment Home!

The Downsizing Process

After making the decision to move to Keller Lake Apartment Homes, Dave began planning his move. He knew it would be a difficult task both physically and emotionally. His Clark Senior Living Advisor recommended Pathway Senior Movers who worked with Dave to facilitate the entire moving process. He calls Pathway a “total blessing.” The team came to his house several times and helped him determine what to keep and what to let go. They packed up items that neither he or his children wanted and placed them for sale in their consignment store. On the day of his move, they were indispensable, he said he never could have done it without them.

Life is Much Easier Now

Since moving into Clark, Dave reflects on how much easier life is now. He has everything he needs at his fingertips and no longer worries about house maintenance, mowing the lawn or snow plowing. And while he has a beautiful, full kitchen, he also enjoys dining in the two restaurants at Keller Lake. He can just pop down to the Bistro for a quick lunch if he’d like, or host a party in the private dining room with gourmet chef prepared meals.

In addition to a maintenance-free lifestyle, he loves the many activities offered to residents – even if he hasn’t been able to fully participate in everything. The Wellness Center allows Dave the opportunity to get in a work-out with several types of equipment without having to leave his building.

Community is a Blessing

Dave considers the community a big blessing of living at Keller Lake. He says if he were living in a condo or a house he wouldn’t have as much interaction with his neighbors. When he goes down for lunch, he sees friends he knows and chats with them. He’s gotten to know people in the hallway, at lunch and through community gatherings. He notes the camaraderie within the Keller Lake community is not only with residents but also with staff.

“It’s a great community to live in. Developing friendships and acquaintances – it’s a total blessing. They are my neighbors, my friends.”

Advice for Others

When asked what advice he’d offer to someone considering making the move he says “Why wait until you are too old to enjoy what life has to offer? Let Clark fix your meals and clean your home for you.”

Another thing Dave mentions is looking at the cost. While he says it might look expensive because you pay upfront, but you are paying for a lifestyle.  “My kids never have to worry about taking care of me. You are buying into a lifestyle where you never have to worry that someone is going to take care of you.”

Things Dave loves about Keller Lake:

  • Sunday brunch is to die for
  • The amenities – everything is at your fingertips
  • The breadth of activities and classes
  • The staff bends over backwards for residents
  • Ease of communication between residents and staff

Are Keller Lake Apartment Homes Right for You?

Keller Lake’s beautiful new Life Plan Community features 52 luxury, independent-living apartment homes for active adults 62+. The contemporary apartment homes offer spacious one-bedroom and two-bedroom options. Keller Lake’s town-square model is bustling with activity as residents enjoy outdoor gatherings at the Piazza, contemporary and fine dining, a fully equipped wellness center, walking trails and more!

If you are interested in learning more about the Keller Lake Apartment Home community, fill out the form below to schedule a tour today or to receive additional information about pricing and availability. You can also call (616) 278-6520 or email

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