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Why We Give: Jim and Bernie Hynes

An innocuous envelope arrives at the Clark Foundation with a gift. After further inspection, we learn it is from Jim and Bernie Hynes, longtime residents and dedicated volunteers at Clark. The note reads, “’The habit of giving only enhances the desire to give’ -Walt Whitman.”

Jim and Bernie give on their birthdays each year to the Clark Foundation in support of the Benevolent Care Endowment. “We enjoy giving back every birthday for many reasons. Since we don’t really need to get each other anything, our birthdays serve as a reminder to keep our giving consistent and regular.”

As a Methodist clergyman, Jim is grateful for the community Clark provides. Jim also served for many years as a Clark Foundation board member, giving of his time, talent, and treasure. Bernie, who is an active volunteer, gives the proceeds from her sales at the annual Clark Bazaar to the benevolent fund.

“As we get older, we aren’t as physical and healthy as when we were younger. This, therefore, limits our ability to do good and offer help. If we can give financially to help an organization or church, we feel we are still helping people. That adds to our joy,” Jim said.

“We are passionate about building a legacy for the Clark Promise, ensuring that benevolent care is available for Clark’s residents in perpetuity,” Bernie said. “Having lived here for 15 years, we can say Clark is our home.” Their selfless giving is an inspiration during these unusual times.

Crowned as Clark’s Spirit Week King and Queen, Jim and Bernie also returned their Spirit Week winnings to the Clark Foundation, including it with their annual contribution. It was such an encouraging way to support our mission, all while having fun. Thank you, Jim and Bernie, you are an example to us all!

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