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Celebrating Caring at Clark

Clark Nurse Manager Lera Davis is one of the most dedicated frontline workers you will ever meet. A mother of four, Lera has been with Clark for five years and specializes in care for dementia residents. When she came to Clark from another long-term care community, Lera was ready to continue her passion for providing exceptional care to assisted-living residents. As a bonus, she was immediately impressed with Clark’s compassionate staff and caring community.

“I wake up every day knowing I’m doing an important job at a place that cares for residents and employees,” she said.

As COVID-19 began to spread in the United States, Lera witnessed how Clark excelled in providing compassionate care and implementing strict safety measures. Clark not only made sure there was enough PPE, but through the COVID-19 Leadership Task Force, managers had up-to-the-minute information to communicate daily with staff as well as new procedures and safety protocols for the protection of the community. Lera was a part of this task force that represented every department in the organization: “We were prepared, honest, and transparent about everything happening on our campuses.”

Nurse Manager Lera Davis with a Clark resident

Lera gave each of her employees her cell phone and email. “If they call with concerns, I’m there to help,” she said. “I check in with them frequently to see how they’re doing and make sure they’re confident and ready to perform their jobs the best they can.”

Lera believes mental health is critical during this time, so she encourages her staff to take advantage of Clark’s employee assistance program which provides mental health support. “Mental health plays a huge part of this job. If you’re stressed, you’re not thinking clearly. We have to make sure our employees are calm and confident,” Lera said.

The support Clark is providing its employees shows. Lera says she has been proud of how her staff and colleagues have gone above and beyond during these challenging times.

“I’ve seen a lot of people stepping outside their job description to make sure things are running smoothly – changing their hours, making themselves more flexible,” she said. “I love how everyone has come together like a family.”

Clark’s “family” also came together to support the growing financial burdens caused by the pandemic through the COVID Cares Fund. Residents, families, staff, board members, and community organizations made generous gifts totaling $104,000.

With estimated monthly costs still exceeding $30,000, we hope you will consider a gift to help us continue providing a safe, protected environment for our residents and staff, and peace of mind to families and loved ones.

“With residents unable to meet with family or get their hair done, they look forward to seeing staff every day, who come in to help as much as possible in that area,” said Lera. “It really intensifies your compassion for providing one-on-one care with residents. It extends your heart a little bit more.”

Lera is hardworking, loyal, compassionate, and caring. There are not enough words of thanks for her dedication and commitment to the residents and families of Clark.

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