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Memory Care and Dementia Resources to Support Our Residents’ Families

At Clark, we understand the complexities and challenges faced by families of loved ones living with dementia. To support families, Clark offers resources and innovative care options designed to enhance the quality of life for our residents and provide ongoing support to their families.

Educational Resources and Support Groups for Clark Families

Recognizing the need for support and knowledge, Clark provides specialized dementia education and support groups tailored to meet the needs of spouses and family caregivers of our residents. Our Spouse Support Group meets twice a month at our Franklin Campus, offering a safe space for spouses of residents with dementia to share experiences and receive support. For broader family members and caregivers of our residents, the Family & Caregiver Support Group provides a forum to connect with others facing similar challenges, ensuring no one has to navigate this journey alone. 

Our team also put together a video library of dementia resources which is available on our website. 

Virtual Dementia Information Sessions for Clark Families

To further assist family members of our residents, Clark offers Virtual Dementia Information Sessions. These monthly sessions cover a variety of topics pertinent to dementia care, providing valuable insights and strategies that families can apply in their interactions and care practices. These virtual meetings ensure that families can participate and gain knowledge from the comfort of their homes, making accessibility and participation easier.

Please note that our Support Groups and Dementia Information Sessions are for families of current Clark Residents. You can find a list of dementia support groups that are open to the public on the Caregiver Resource Network.

Innovative Dementia Care

In our commitment to being on the forefront of dementia care, Clark has integrated innovative approaches in our Memory Care programs. We employ the Montessori Method in Memory Care, which focuses on creating a supportive environment that allows residents to engage in meaningful activities tailored to their abilities and interests. This method enhances their autonomy and dignity by focusing on what they can do rather than their limitations.

Additionally, Music Therapy in Memory Care has been a transformative approach at Clark. This therapy utilizes music’s unique capacities to stimulate cognitive function and evoke memories. It also provides emotional comfort and improves communication skills, which are often impacted by dementia.

Why Choose Clark

Selecting the right Memory Care community is a critical decision for families of individuals with dementia. At Clark, we recognize the unique challenges families face and have developed a comprehensive range of resources and innovative care options specifically designed to support both our residents and their loved ones.

Talk with a Senior Living Advisor

If you think your loved one could benefit from Memory Care, contact our senior living advisors at or 616-278-6520 or fill out the form below to schedule a personalized consultation to discuss your loved one’s situation and see if Clark is the right fit for your loved one.

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