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Montessori in Memory Care at Clark

Montessori in Memory Care at Clark

Driven by a commitment to excellence and innovation, Clark was the first life plan community in the United States to adopt the Montessori for Ageing and Dementia  program. Led by certified Montessori practitioners, this approach empowers residents with memory loss to be independent and lead purposeful lives by creating:

  • Meaningful roles and routines
  • Activities for each person based on their history and interests
  • A safe and secure environment filled with memory cues and supports

The Montessori for Ageing and Dementia program was developed for residents living with dementia and for those who care for them. This innovative program encourages each person to engage in activities and to find valuable roles based on their history and interests.  It has been a wonderful experience seeing the positive impact that it has made with our residents and staff. The innovative program was completed in 2018 at Franklin and was then expanded to our Keller Lake location.

Memory Care Residents at Clark Retirement in Grand Rapids. Montessori in Memory Care.

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