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Improving the Lives of Older Adults Through Technology

Over the last several years innovations in technology have greatly enhanced the lives of older adults. Now, more than ever, as we all adapt to new safety measures for COVID-19, technology has become an even more important tool to help connect people, especially older adults.

From the ability to FaceTime with grandchildren (and even great-grandchildren!) to being able to safely connect with friends and family over Zoom, technology offers older adults the ability to keep connected and even explore their various interests and hobbies all from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

We are excited to share many of the innovative ways we’ve been using technology at Clark. Here is how we’re working to improve residents’ lives through technology:


IN2L or It’s Never Too Late is a computer technology program that allows residents to see and hear things from their past. This individualized system enhances cognitive function, socialization, and quality of life by using music to trigger memories.

IN2L offers an extensive library of content, thoughtfully curated with a broad range of individual needs and interests in mind. The technology features more than 4,000 pieces of content including music, art, sports, and games — all at your fingertips. Whether your loved one loves playing Wheel of Fortune or listening to music from their childhood, IN2L has meaningful content, engaging, content for everyone.

IN2L also allows older adults to work on cognitive issues, reading and thinking skills, whatever their medical history may be or wherever they are at physically or cognitively. This application keeps them connected and engaged.


Zoom has become an incredible tool for our residents to stay in touch with their loved ones and provides the opportunity to connect and participate in resident social activities.

Here are just a few of the ways our residents are using Zoom:

  • Music therapy sessions
  • Virtual tours of the GRAM and other cultural institutions
  • Weekly virtual coffee meet-ups
  • Virtual creative writing group — with instructors picking up writing via snail mail to discuss and critique.
  • Keeping in touch with family and friends


Eversound has become a vital tool for many of our residents. Through Eversound, residents who are hard of hearing can individually adjust the volume to their needs when on a group Zoom. The wireless listening system supports physical distancing, safe visitations, and amplify programming.

Channel 15 Programming

Our local channel, Channel 15 offers lots of programming for residents. Every week we host virtual Bingo and virtual Trivia which airs on Channel 15. Our residents can also tune into meditations and religious content as well as exercise classes and their favorite movies.

Clark’s Touch Town “App”

All residents have their own account. Through this website app, residents are able to access dining menus, workout videos, our library, and additional information about what’s happening at Clark.

Residents are also able to stay up to date with all the latest information and happenings on Touch-Town slides which air on Channel 15 and are also accessible on the app.

Residents with Alexa devices can have their device integrated with Touch Town so they can access the information and updates from the app via Alexa.

Wireless Access

Even prior to the pandemic, Clark has led the way with technology through the implementation of wireless internet access as well as important safety measures for all residents that are using technology.

Clark offers wireless internet access throughout our campuses. Individuals also have their own private hotspots in their home to ensure internet safety.

Keeping resident information secure has always been a priority at Clark which is why we’ve implemented heavy duty spam filters and Firewall blocking programs to ensure internet safety to all our residents.

Coming Soon: Family Visit Scheduling with Calendly

We are working to make scheduling visits with your loved one easier with our new Calendly integration. You’ll quickly be able to set up a time to meet and both parties.

Technology has always been important at Clark, but even more so during this pandemic. Our technology team has worked tirelessly over the last months and will continue to do so to continue to use technology to improve the lives of our residents.

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