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Memory Care at Clark: A Beacon of Hope and Understanding

In the journey of caring for a loved one with memory loss, finding the right support and care becomes paramount, not only for their health and safety but also for their ability to live a life of purpose and joy. Clark stands at the forefront of this journey, offering an innovative and unique approach to Memory Care that sets it apart from traditional models.

The essence of Clark’s Memory Care lies in its ability to create meaningful routines, engage residents in activities that resonate with their interests, and craft an environment replete with memory cues and supports. Memory Care at Clark is thoughtfully designed for families seeking specialized memory and dementia care that not only addresses the immediate needs of their loved ones but also enriches their daily lives.

Our Philosophy: A Focus on What IS Possible

Our approach to dementia care is rooted in a philosophy that emphasizes the importance of focusing on what is possible. Dementia undoubtedly brings about significant changes, but at Clark, we choose to build upon what remains intact. Our strategies aim to reduce the distress and frustration often associated with dementia, employing alternative care techniques and therapeutic approaches that anticipate and meet the needs of each resident before distress takes hold.

Beyond the essential care for physical necessities, Clark’s Memory Care program is deeply committed to engaging and stimulating the mind, body, and spirit of each resident. This holistic approach is aimed at enriching and optimizing the total quality of life for those in our care.

Montessori Activities

What Sets Clark Apart in Memory Care

Montessori in Memory Care: Clark has the distinction of being the first life-plan community in the United States to implement the Montessori for Aging and Dementia program. This pioneering approach is spearheaded by certified Montessori practitioners, dedicated to empowering residents with memory loss to lead independent and purposeful lives. By integrating the Montessori methodology, we tailor our care to enhance independence and engagement through purposeful activities, offering a sense of accomplishment and joy to our residents. 

Music Therapy in Memory Care: Music therapy has been shown to improve mood, reduce stress and agitation, and stimulate positive interactions among residents with memory loss. Clark’s Music Therapy in Memory Care program, led by certified music therapists, provides not only therapeutic value, but comfort and happiness to our Memory Care residents. At Clark, you’ll often hear music in the halls, in the Chapel, at events and activities. Music therapy at Clark also includes Ever Sound which re-engages residents with hearing impairment through a headphone system and IN2L (It’s Never Too Late) allowing residents to musically reminisce through computer technology.

Specialized Training for All Staff: Education and continuous learning form the backbone of our care philosophy. We foster an environment where staff and caregivers are continually educated through our Core Dementia Training Program, ensuring they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide the highest quality of care. Additionally, we extend support and resources to family members and friends, helping to normalize the dementia journey and bring a deeper understanding to those it affects.

At Clark, we believe in a future where every individual with memory loss can experience a life filled with joy, purpose, and dignity. Our innovative approach to Memory Care is a testament to our commitment to this vision, offering a beacon of hope and support for families navigating the challenges of dementia. 

Talk with a Senior Living Advisor

If you think your loved one could benefit from Memory Care at Clark, talk with one of our Senior Living Advisors at or 616-278-6520 or fill out the form below to schedule a personalized consultation to discuss your loved one’s situation and see if Clark is the right fit.

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