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Residents’ Corner: Spring 2024

Welcome to the Residents’ Corner, your dedicated spot on the Clark blog where we share the latest happenings from around our community. Whether it’s arts and crafts workshops, holiday celebrations, or the arrival of new wildlife at Keller Lake, this is your window into the daily joys and communal activities that make Clark a truly special place to call home. Join us as we explore the lively and enriching experiences that our residents enjoy every day.

Celebrating Spring at Clark’s Franklin Campus

At Clark Retirement, we take pride in making our community a beautiful and lively place for our residents. This spring, our residents have been actively engaging in gardening, turning our campus into a vibrant oasis. From raised-bed gardens to pots on patios, every space is a chance to nurture nature. Our gardens are not just about flowers; they’re about fostering a habitat for pollinators like bees and butterflies. Even a small pot on your patio can make a big difference!

Spring at Keller Lake: Residents Delight in Swan Family

Swan family at Keller Lake Spring at Keller Lake is a season of renewal, highlighted by the delightful arrival of a new swan family. As the swans glide across the lake with their young, our residents find joy and tranquility in watching these elegant creatures. This time of year reminds us all of the beauty of new beginnings and the simple pleasures that nature offers, right here at Clark.

Engaged and Active: Clark’s Resident Council Elections

Democracy thrives at Clark Retirement! Our recent Resident Council elections were a testament to our vibrant community spirit, complete with a recount to ensure every voice was heard. Congratulations to the elected members who will be serving on the council. These elections underscore our commitment to an active and engaged community where every resident has a say.

On the Move: Exploring with Clark’s New Bus

Clark's New Bus Adventure awaits with Clark’s new bus! Equipped to accommodate everyone comfortably, including space for motorized wheelchairs, the bus has already hosted tours around notable local sites. Join us on our next outing to explore the rich history and beautiful scenery our area offers, all from the comfort of our state-of-the-art vehicle.

A Popcorn Journey: From History to Snack Time

Popcorn at Clark Popcorn isn’t just a snack; it’s a piece of history! Our residents enjoyed a special session with Chef Kyle, exploring the evolution of popcorn, particularly its prominence in movie theaters during sugar shortages in WWII. This delicious dive into history was accompanied by tastings of unique flavors like mint chocolate and pina colada. 

Talk with a Senior Living Advisor

Are you ready to consider a move to Clark? Talk with one of our Senior Living Advisors at 616-278-6520 or or fill out the form below to learn more about our vibrant community and all that Clark has to offer.

A Special Note of Thanks

Special thanks to the resident writers and editors of our resident-run newsletters Clark’s Franklin Focus and Keller Lake’s Insite.

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