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Why We Give

John Rau

“God gives us everything we have.” 

John and his wife Jeanne moved to Clark in February 2019, when they realized they needed to be around people. “We wanted to be at Clark specifically because the people drew us in. When you’re here, you’re family. It feels like the holy spirit walks the halls every day.”

Unfortunately, Jeanne passed away in May 2019 and life for John has changed. In 2020, he met a beautiful lady at Clark, Judy Boynton, fell in love, and got married. He credits his generosity to his Christian faith. “I was granted an opportunity to share because of the Lord, and when you realize that, your life is better. We are nothing without Him.” When he sees a need at Clark, he prays on it and that is how he’s moved to give back. “Prayer works,” John says.

Richard Jaeschke

“Clark has an amazing legacy, and I’m so grateful for the community. I’m glad to finally be here.” 

Richard moved to Clark in December 2020 and although at first glance he may seem “new” to Clark, the Clark community is ingrained in his family tree. Going back to 1945, his wife Mary’s grandfather moved to Clark and lived here until 1970.  Mary’s family believed in Clark’s mission so much that her father, Henry Ball was the business manager in the 1960s and her mother was heavily involved with coordinating volunteers at Clark. Even Richard’s own mother, Helen Jaeschke lived at Clark from 1996 until 2002.

Richard and his wife Mary (who passed in 2012) have been generous to Clark, giving over 27 years. He credits their longevity of generosity to the Clark Promise. “Mary’s grandfather benefitted from benevolent care when he ran out of money, which made Clark so attractive.” A retired firefighter and paramedic, Richard continued with why he chose Clark: “I finally decided to come to Clark when all of the pieces fell into place this year. It was the right decision.”

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