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How Baby Boomers are Revolutionizing Senior Living

The Baby Boomer generation is changing up the senior-living game. They are living longer, leading active lives and are in control of what they want out of life. Baby Boomers currently represent 28 percent of the population, making them the largest generational group in the United States. They are more educated and diverse than previous generations and in the next couple of years, will hold 70 percent of all U.S. disposable income.

While Baby Boomers are at the age where they are already retired or thinking about retirement options, they’re thinking much differently than previous generations.

Baby Boomers are Revolutionizing Senior Living


Here’s how the Baby Boomer generation is revolutionizing senior living:


They’re retiring later

Baby Boomers are waiting to retire later than any other generation and most of them are still in the workforce, making them the workforce’s fastest-growing generation. There are a few reasons why this is happening. Many people’s retirement plans took a hit from the 2008 financial crisis, some have not saved enough for retirement and others are staying in the workforce because it keeps their mind sharp and days full. According to an AARP survey, 40 percent of Baby Boomers said they plan to “work until I drop.” Out of the 3.8 million Baby Boomers turning 65 every year, only 2.2 million leave the workforce annually.

They’re living longer

As technological advancements have improved our health and life expectancies, Baby Boomers are one of the first generations to experience a longer lifespan. From 1950 to 2014, the average life expectancy rose steadily. Men’s life expectancy rose from 65.6 to 71.,1 and women’s rose from 76.1 to 81.1. Higher life expectancies mean more opportunities to be active and truly enjoy the later years in life, which is exactly what Baby Boomers are doing.

They’re saying goodbye to ageist terms

As we progress as a society, we’re becoming more inclusive with terms we associate with aging. “Elderly” and “senior citizen” are two of many dated terms the Baby Boomer generation is eschewing. Recently, there has been a push to raise awareness of ageist terms and educate why they are not appropriate for modern day.

They want customization

One size does not fit all, nor does it fit most. When it comes down to the life you want to live, what you want for yourself isn’t going to be the same as what someone else wants. Baby Boomers have helped shape the senior-living landscape by wanting customizable living options through their housing, amenities or community events. They’re also seeking out living arrangements in likeminded communities, where it is easier to connect and make friends with the people living in the community.

They’re tech savvy

Baby Boomers are the most technologically advanced retirement group to date. Currently, 68 percent of Baby Boomers own a smartphone, compared to 40 percent of the Silent Generation.

They want to pursue their passions

Retirement is the time to dive into life’s joys: hobbies, passions and making sure you have the amenities available to pursue those. Finding the right retirement community presents Baby Boomers with the accessibility and tools they need to enjoy those pursuits.

Clark at Keller Lake Apartment Homes

Clark at Keller Lake Apartment Homes Our Keller Lake campus is currently undergoing an exciting expansion which will provide independent-living options Baby Boomers are looking for in a retirement community. After researching the latest trends in senior living, the community has been thoughtfully designed for active older adults looking to live life to the fullest among a close-knit community of friends and neighbors.

The community features 52 modern independent-living apartment homes. The contemporary apartment homes offer spacious one-bedroom and two-bedroom options. Keller Lake represents the best of both worlds—tucked away in the beautiful Cascade area, yet close to shopping and Grand Rapids’ exciting city life.

The expansion features West Michigan’s first town-square model, forming a tight-knit 62-and-better Life Plan Community bustling with activity. Amenities include peaceful lakefront walking paths, a fully equipped wellness center, a piazza for gathering with friends, a bistro, a restaurant, and so much more.

For Baby Boomers living at Clark, they get the customization, independence and community they are looking for. To learn more about Keller Lake Apartment Homes and all that Clark has to offer, reach one of our senior living advisors at 616-278-6520 or


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