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What is a Life Plan Community?

Life Plan Communities, previously called Continuing Care Retirement Communities, provide multiple levels of care, active lifestyles, and the promise of lifetime housing.  These communities are a popular housing option for many seniors exploring their living options.

Here’s a closer look at three key features of a life plan community:

1. Multiple levels of care.

“Aging in place” is a topic that is frequently talked about in the world of senior living. A prominent feature of a life plan community is the ability to do just that.

Life plan communities offer more than one level of care in one location. Seniors choosing a life plan community have access to independent living, assisted living, and skilled nursing, should they ever need it—all in one convenient location. Many life plan communities, including Clark, also offer specialized memory care services.

A person can move to a life plan community knowing they will not face another move in the future. Imagine the social and psychological benefits of being able to stay in the place you call home even if your needs change as you age.

2. Active lifestyles.

‘Life’ is a keyword in life plan community. These communities were developed in response to the changing needs of seniors today. Where people once thought of senior living homes as places of convalescence, life plan communities provide an environment in which residents can live life to its fullest.

Life plan communities typically offer a range of amenities and social opportunities. For instance, residents at Clark have access to a gym, an indoor swimming pool, group fitness classes, a creative arts studio, a woodworking shop, a weekly calendar of activities, and regular off-site adventures. Life here is full and fun!

3. Financial arrangement.

Life plan communities typically require an entry fee, along with a contract that ensures care and residency for life. Many life plan communities, including Clark, back this contract with the promise of benevolent care. This is means that a person will maintain their residence for the duration of their life, even if their financial resources are depleted through longevity or illness. Learn more about the Clark Promise.

Have a question about life plan communities? Reach us anytime at (616) 278-6534.

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