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The Benefits of a Life Plan Community

You’ve worked hard all your life. Now it’s time to decide what comes next and design this next stage of your life. Maybe that means right-sizing and moving to a retirement community where you can meet new people and have less responsibilities around the house. As you begin looking into retirement community options, you might want to consider finding a Life Plan Community like Clark which offers benefits beyond that of a typical retirement community or even a condo.

What is a Life Plan Community?

Retired Couple: Retirement at Clark. Simply put, a Life Plan Community is a retirement community with the added benefit of lifetime care. Life Plan Communities ensure that you can “age in place,” having planned ahead in terms of access to multiple levels of care and the promise of lifetime housing and care. Think of it as peace of mind, should your health care needs change along the way.

How a Life Plan Community Works

Joining a Life Plan Community requires an entry fee with an agreement that ensures care and residency for life. Clark backs this contract with the promise that you can maintain your residence through the duration of your life, even if your financial resources are depleted through longevity or illness. This also ensures you have access to any future care you may need such as assisted living, memory care or skilled nursing

There are a number of benefits to being part of a Life Plan Community:

1. Financial Security

One of the biggest benefits of being in a Life Plan Community is financial security. This means you won’t be a burden on family should there be any unexpected health changes or financial issues that arise.

At Clark we know that one of the greatest fears of older adults is outliving their resources which is why we have The Clark Promise. The Clark Promise eliminates that fear and we promise you will always have a home in our community, even if your financial resources are depleted through longevity or illness.

2. Continuum of Care

Being part of a Life Plan Community means you have access to multiple levels of care — all in the community you already consider home. Our levels of care include assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing.

Assisted Living offers a home-like environment where you can remain as independent as possible while also being cared for if you need assistance with daily activities including medication management, meals, and personal care.

Our innovative Memory Care programs support residents experiencing memory loss. Led by certified practitioners, residents are empowered to lead purposeful lives.

If a higher level of medical services and attention are needed, we provide Skilled Nursing through a team of experts who can provide care around the clock.

3. You Don’t Need to Move Multiple Times

Retirement living in a condo or house means that as you age if unexpected health issues arise, you may need to move in order to receive additional care. This could mean multiple moves, sometimes even in a crisis situation.

Being part of a Life Plan Community means you can eliminate any unnecessary moves, even if your care needs change. You can stay in the community you already call home and avoid the additional stress and hassles of having to move again.

4. Peace of Mind

It’s common for your loved ones to worry about your future needs and the potential “what-if’s” down the road. Moving into a Life Plan Community gives you and your loved one’s peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens, you will be cared for and your financial resources will not be depleted.

5. A Vibrant and Active Community

Being a part of a Life Plan Community gives you access to great amenities and a vibrant community. At Clark, our community is a place where neighbors feel like family and offers a myriad of activities and amenities to take advantage of. Enjoy our gym, indoor swimming pool, group fitness classes, creative art studios, woodworking shop, weekly activities, off-site excursions and more. When you are part of a Life Plan Community, you can live life to its fullest.

Become Part of Clark’s Life Plan Community

Are you ready to design the next stage of your life? Talk with one of our senior living advisors at 616-278-6520 or or fill out the form below to learn more about our vibrant community and all that Clark has to offer.

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