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Are You Ready to Right-Size Your Life?

Do you ever find yourself opening closet doors in spare rooms and think, “why am I keep all of this stuff?”
Your home is a special place that has served you well, but perhaps now is the time to embark on a new adventure. Making a move and right-sizing can give you the freedom and flexibility to spend more time with friends and family, explore new hobbies, travel, and do all the things you love.

Downsizing vs. Right-sizing

It used to be that people would downsize in retirement, opting for a smaller, more simple dwelling and lifestyle. The term downsize implies you’re taking a step back or down. For today’s active retirees, this notion seems passé. You don’t need to downsize, you want to right-size, and by that we mean finding a home that fits your active lifestyle.

This is an exciting time of life and you’ve worked hard to get here. You likely have fewer work and family responsibilities than ever before. As you settle into this chapter, maybe you don’t need as many bedrooms and you’d like more living space for entertaining friends. Or perhaps you’re ready to let someone else take care of lawn maintenance and snow removal. Right-sizing allows you to live your life to the fullest.

Clark’s newest independent living apartments are designed with you in mind 

Clark’s Newest Option for Right-sizing

The independent living apartments at Keller Lake are Clark’s newest offering for active older adults. As we planned our new community, we explored the latest trends in senior living, and our developers and architects created something that will truly be special and unique.

In our planning, we wanted to offer a tight-knit community and build in amenities that would surprise and delight residents. We landed on a town square model—the first of its kind in West Michigan.

Special Features and Amenities

The independent living apartments at Keller Lake will include:

  • Lake and/or piazza views
  • A lively bistro and elegant restaurant offering unique culinary experiences
  • Piazza for year-round entertainment
  • Community garden
  • Wellness center with group classes and personal training
  • Concierge services, housekeeping, and maintenance
  • Pet-friendly green spaces and walking paths
  • Underground parking

Construction Has Begun

We broke ground on December 12, 2019. These apartments offer five spacious floor plans to choose from, with many great upgrades included. Currently, 75% of the apartments have already sold. If you’re interested, there is still time to make interior selections and lakeside views are still available.

Learn More

To learn more about the new Keller Lake apartments, please call (616) 247-9627 to speak with Melissa Guigue.

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