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Care Coordination

Care Coordination Through TANDEM365

We are a complex medical case management program coupled with a robust community paramedicine program that offers rapid response and in-home intervention capabilities. We exist to provide innovative services and challenge the complexities of healthcare so that lives are enriched and transformed. Referrals to our programs come from insurance carriers, PCP offices, hospital discharge planners, and family members.

Through customized care that is coordinated by our team of healthcare professionals, participants in TANDEM365 have access to the best services and support available with a single point of contact. All of our services are based on an initial assessment and evaluation by our health professionals.

Care coordination is one of the keys to TANDEM365’s success. Our expertise ensures that all healthcare professionals and individuals involved in our participants’ care stay informed and connected, which reduces the gaps in care and prevents fragmentation.

For more information, please visit TANDEM365 or call (616) 588-5290.