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Give to Charity or Bless Your Family? You Don’t Have to Choose

Often, people try to decide whether they should give to a charity or bless their loved ones. Did you know there’s a way you can do both?

Through a lifetime income gift, you can support the Clark Foundation and secure steady income payments for you or your loved ones. 

Most often, lifetime income gifts are used to provide ongoing income for an individual and/or their spouse. However, a lifetime income gift can also be used as a creative way to bless your parents, children, or other individuals in need.

For example, John wanted to provide additional retirement funds to one of his faithful, long-term employees. He included a gift in his will that offers this employee steady payments until the time of her passing when the remainder will go toward charity. 

Another couple was concerned that when they go to be with the Lord, their children would receive a single large lump sum. Instead, they set up lifetime income gifts that will provide each of their children 20 years of steady income, after which their favorite charities will be blessed. 

Is a lifetime income gift the right charitable solution for your goals and situation? Call the Foundation office at (616) 278-6533 to learn more.

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