Areas of Need

Areas of Need

Financial gifts of all shapes and sizes are used to support our main initiatives here at Clark:

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Honoring Residents & Staff

Celebrate Endurance 

2020 could have easily been called the Year of Endurance. By definition, those who endure undergo without giving in, remain firm under suffering or misfortune, and always prevail. Doesn’t this perfectly describe Clark residents and staff? Despite all the drastic changes made to daily lives and relationships, our community has endured and come out stronger.

For our spring appeal, we traditionally honor mothers and fathers. Won’t you consider a tribute gift recognizing residents and staff whose hearts and spirit have been an inspiration? Or take an opportunity to donate in memory of someone special? You can include a personal message which will be presented on tribute boards displayed in common areas and published in our newsletter.

A tribute gift is a special way to honor those who have endured so much. Your gift, no matter the size, will help us replace our outdated call system at Keller Lake and complete the Baker-Kendrick outdoor visitation area beautification project at the Franklin campus.

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The Clark Promise of Benevolent Care

One of the greatest fears seniors have is outliving their assets. Even with the wisest care and planning, unforeseen challenges can burden a family beyond belief. As healthcare costs skyrocket and life expectancy continues to rise, it is an all too often grim reality. Their funds are depleted.

The Clark Promise gives peace of mind and assurance that if financial challenges arise, Clark will be there — with grace and dignity. Each year, Clark assists residents through benevolent care with an anticipated annual cost of up to $500,000. Our goal of an endowed fund of $15 million by 2030 will generate enough funds to sustain this promise.

Clark COVID-19 Care Fund: Caring For Those Who Care

The Clark COVID-19 Care Fund

During these unprecedented, unsettling and uncertain times of COVID-19, our primary focus is the increased compassionate care by our remarkable staff who are working one-on-one with residents and families.

We have taken many steps to ensure that we are providing person-centered care to maintain health and prevent social isolation and loneliness. Enhanced technology, spiritual care and life enrichment activities and family communication are some of the many initiatives during this challenging time. For our valued staff, who go above and beyond every day, we have implemented hazard pay, temporary benefits program and purchased large quantities of personal protective equipment and supplies to maintain and sanitize our campus.

Your generous gift will make a tremendous impact, provide compassionate staffing for our residents, and peace of mind to our employees who are doing everything in their power to support those requiring the highest level of care.

Montessori for dementia and memory care at Clark

Community Enhancement and Programming

Music Therapy, our Montessori for Aging and Dementia program, and so many other important special projects enhance the quality of life for our residents. Through the support of our donors, in recent years, we've purchased a grand piano, a new sound system for the Clark Chapel, and Carillon bells that play beautiful music throughout the Clark neighborhood. These are the little extras that add so much joy to our community.

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We invite you to join our growing circle of friends whose desire is to make a difference in the lives of seniors. We are grateful for your acts of kindness that advance Clark's mission of creating communities of dignity, compassion, and respect centered on the lives of older adults and those who care for them.

Areas of Need

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