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New Resource: Dementia Guide for Families

Caring for a loved one experiencing memory loss can feel overwhelming. From understanding a diagnosis to creating a safe environment for your loved one to exploring memory care options, there is so much to consider.

The Memory Care team at Clark created the Dementia Guide for Families to support family members and caregivers of those experiencing memory loss. This new resource is filled with information to give you a better understanding of dementia as well as provide you with tools to support your loved one.

A Quick Look Inside the Dementia Guide for Families:

Understanding Dementia

  • What dementia is
  • Warning signs to look for
  • The importance of seeing a doctor
  • What to do after diagnosis

Caring for a Loved One Experiencing Dementia

  • Helpful things to know about caring for a loved one experiencing dementia
  • Tips for communicating with a person living with dementia
  • Information about sundowning and tips for reducing sundowning

Adapting the Home Environment

  • Tips for creating a dementia-friendly environment
  • The Montessori model for dementia

Self-Care for Caregivers

  • Recognizing signs of built-up stress
  • Tips for taking care of yourself while also caring for a loved one

 How to Know When it’s Time for Memory Care

  • Questions to ask yourself when deciding if it’s time for Memory Care
  • Information about what Memory Care looks like
  • Commons signs Memory Care could benefit your loved one

Download the Dementia Guide for Families

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