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Transitioning Between Levels of Care – A Powerful Perk of a Life Plan Community

While we all hope to be as healthy and independent as possible as we age, it’s still important to have a plan in place if your health or mobility were to decline. When you live in a Life Plan Community like Clark, that plan is already put into place thanks to our continuum of care. This means, if your health were to decline you could seamlessly transition between levels of care all within one community. Your family would not be scrambling to find you the care you need. In fact, it would all be managed by the Clark transitions team.

What is a Life Plan Community

Simply put, a Life Plan Community is an age-restricted community offering services and amenities alongside the promise of lifetime housing and care should your needs or finances change in the future. A major benefit of living in a Life Plan Community is having a continuum of care.

What is a Continuum of Care

A continuum of care is a system that offers a range of health services and amenities to fit different levels of care needs. At Clark this means we have multiple levels of care all in one community including independent living, assisted living, memory care, respite care, skilled nursing and hospice care.

Having this continuum of care means you can stay in the same community with the staff and friends you already know. It also means loved ones won’t have to scramble to figure out your living situation and care needs if a health issue, such as a fall or sudden illness, were to arise. 

At Clark we offer various levels of care and support, depending on your individual needs. You are able to move between these levels if your needs change, all while staying in the same community.

Independent and Enhanced Living is where many of our residents begin – whether in a towne home or apartment home. Independent living at Clark offers residents the freedom to enjoy retirement with maintenance-free living but the peace of mind knowing that a continuum of care exists within the community if something were to happen. Independent living residents can also access add-on services like chef-prepared meals, housekeeping, laundry and medication reminders.

Assisted Living provides additional support for those who need assistance with daily living activities while still remaining as independent as possible. Personal care, medication management, and chef-prepared meals are all part of assisted living.

Memory Care is similar to assisted living but offers a safe and secure environment for those experiencing memory issues and/or dementia. Our innovative memory care programming includes music therapy and our Montessori for Aging and Dementia program, led by experienced and specially certified professionals.

Respite Care offers an option for residents to stay in one of our furnished suites for a short period of time and receive excellent care from our experienced, caring staff. Respite care can be a great solution for an independent living resident who has experienced a short-term health issue and needs temporary assistance.

Skilled Nursing offers residents long-term care and medical services that are beyond what is provided in assisted living. This can be helpful if a resident becomes very ill and needs more in-depth medical care, they are able to remain at Clark.

Hospice is available to our residents at all care levels. For example, if an independent living or assisted living resident were to become terminally ill, our team works with hospice to coordinate and support your family each step of the way. This can be particularly comforting to the resident who can then stay in their home. It also eases the burden of family members so their focus can be as much quality time with their loved one.

Ensuring the Well-Being of Our Residents

Another powerful benefit of Clark, is having an experienced team working with residents at all levels of care to ensure they are doing well on an ongoing basis. Our staff is able to assess if there is a need for more support and make that suggestion to a resident as well as discuss it with their family. If a change in level of care is needed, our team can then facilitate the transition. For family members who live out of town or are not able to see their family member on a regular basis, knowing the Clark team has their loved one’s best interest in mind is extremely reassuring.  

Talk with a Senior Living Advisor

If you think you or your loved one could benefit from being part of Clark’s community, contact our senior living advisors at or 616-278-6520 or fill out the form below to schedule a tour or request more information. 

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