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Aging in Place Within a Retirement Community

Today’s older adults are changing what it means to “age in place”. Traditionally, this term has been used when an individual or couple makes the conscious decision to remain in their existing home as they age. But with so many different living options available to older adults, making the move to a retirement community to “age in place” has become a new trend. The benefits of retirement community living often outweigh those of staying in an existing home.  

Why “Age in Place” Within a Retirement Community?

Most people are familiar with “Aging in Place” within an existing home, but let’s explore the many benefits of making a move to a retirement community.

You Can “Right-Size” Your Home

As life changes, what you need from your home changes too. Have you ever found yourself opening closet doors in spare rooms and wondered “why am I keeping all this stuff?” While your home has served you well in the past, perhaps it’s time to find a place that gives you more freedom, flexibility and better serves your current and future needs. You may no longer need all those extra bedrooms and storage space and in fact, they may even have become burdensome. “Right-sizing” gives you an opportunity to find a space and location that better suits your needs so you can focus on the things that are important to you – spending time with friends and family, exploring new hobbies, travel, etc. Clark offers a wide range of independent living options from cozy suites and apartments to spacious towne homes and luxury apartment homes. 

Living Spaces are Designed Specifically for Older Adults

One of the often overlooked, but very important benefits of a retirement community is living spaces designed specifically with older adults in mind. This means lighting, flooring, kitchens, bathrooms, storage, etc. are all designed around the unique needs of older adults and take into consideration current and future accessibility needs. For example, lighting is often planned to maximize natural light and ensure spaces are well-lit so residents are easily able to navigate the space no matter the time of day. Even the community itself is designed so residents can easily access congregant areas like the wellness center, pool, restaurant, walking paths, etc. 

Pampered Living

Amenities and services within a retirement community go well beyond what you have if “aging in place” in an existing house. Even condominium communities don’t offer the amenities and services you’ll find at Clark. Our community offers a wide range of services including housekeeping, laundry and medication reminders. Our residents can even add on a dining plan if they’d rather have regular meals in one of our bistros or restaurants. Depending on location, Clark offers a wide range of amenities including an indoor pool and hot tub, salon, fitness center, walking paths, art gallery, greenhouse, woodworking shop, library, Chapel, on-site primary care and so much more. Now that’s what we call pampered living!

Activities and a Built-in Community

Life enriching activity offerings and a built-in social network makes retirement community living an optimal way to “age in place.” At Clark, this is certainly the case. Our extensive social calendar is filled with engaging activities and outings. Because community is at the core of everything we do, Clark is a place where neighbors feel like family.  It’s no wonder our Clark community is such a sought-after place for senior living in West Michigan. 

The Benefits of a Life Plan Community

Not all retirement communities are created equal. As you explore senior living options to “age in place”, it’s important to consider moving to a Life Plan Community. A Life Plan Community, formerly called a Continuing Care Community is a community with the added promise of lifetime housing for residents. As a Clark resident, you will always have a home in our community, even if your financial resources are depleted through longevity or illness. Think of it as having peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Should your needs change, you can rest assured you’ll receive the quality care and support that you need. 

  • Financial security
  • Full continuum of care on-site if needed
  • The promise of lifetime housing
  • Peace of mind

Aging In Place within Independent Living 

At Clark, we partner with Atrio for residents who want to stay within their independent living home but need some extra assistance with things like personal care, light house work, meal preparation and more. The Atrio team of nurses, therapists, and specialists provide best in class support and services when and where they are needed. This is a resource that you and your family can rely on.

Talk with a Senior Living Advisor

Are you ready to design the next stage of your life? Talk with one of our Senior Living Advisors at 616-278-6520 or or fill out the form below to learn more about our vibrant community and all that Clark has to offer.

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