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Leading Ladies

Leading Ladies

Connect. Create. Change.


Carol Burgess and LouAnn Shawver

Who are we?
We are not your typical group (no boring meetings)
We’re social (only join if you like to have fun)
We’re dynamos (just watch us get things done)
We are young and old (a wonderful mix of multi-generational women)

What do we care about?
Community Partnerships
Building our social network

What do we support financially?
We support the Clark Promise, which gives residents peace of mind knowing they will always have a home at Clark, despite unexpected financial challenges. And we go beyond Clark by supporting other local charities that our members care about.

Sherri Remmelts

Want to be a

Leading Lady?

It’s easy. There is a one-time $1,000 contribution. Custom payment options are available.

Please contact Chaparral at 616-278-6533 or

Susan Bachelder

Our Mission:
To create a social network of dynamic and engaged multi-generational women committed to the support of the Clark Promise through philanthropy, education, and community partnerships.


Leading Ladies:
Andrea Abraham
JoAnn Abraham
Laurel Abraham*
Cynthia Kay Afendoulis*
Jan Amato
Sue Bachelder
Beth Banta
Natalie Bernecker
Dr. Diana Bitner*
Michelle Bottrall
Carol Burgess
Heidi Campbell
Marty Campbell
Alex Crow*
Karen Custer
Kellie Custer
Kortne Custer
Lauren Davis
Madison Eldred
Nancy Everin
Betsy Ford
Lynne Goede
Elizabeth Haan
Joan Hansen
Mary Lou Helderop
Kathy Holt
Melissa Hoodhood*
Janelle Horvath
Debra Howell*

Deb Kay
Beth Kelly
Priscilla Kimboko
Rachael Kohn
Kathy Laidlaw
Maggie Lancaster
Marylynn Lower
Michele McIsaac*
Angela Muilenberg
Corinne Muilinberg
Peggy Murphy
Debbie Nol*
Faith Novakoski
KT Novakoski
Liz Novakoski
Joan Panopoulos
Deborah Phillips
Kathryn Ratliff
Sherri Remmelts
Norine Roach
Melinda Seufert
LouAnn Shawver*
Patra Slot
Hyubin Song
Patty Stasiak
Jill VanWyk*
Maribeth Wardrop
Pat Waring
Heather Watkowski
Judy Welch*
Alex Wilson

*denotes Leaders of Leading Ladies


Support the Clark Foundation

We invite you to join our growing circle of friends whose desire is to make a difference in the lives of seniors. We are grateful for your acts of kindness that advance Clark's mission of creating communities of dignity, compassion, and respect centered on the lives of older adults and those who care for them.

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Contact The Foundation

Clark Foundation
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